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Making a Difference in 2020

Your support is invaluable for enabling our many programs to run. 2020 was our busiest year yet, as we pivoted to online therapy and other programming.

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Supporting one another through the coronavirus pandemic

Following the Mamaroneck School District and many other organizations, LMCCC went remote in mid-March to ensure the safety of both the staff and community members. We quickly launched teletherapy services so no client would have a break in their therapy sessions and expanded our services to reach more people in the local community. Once warmer weather arrived, we obtained a highly ventilated tent with privacy screens for LMCCC's lawn, so clients needing in-person sessions would be able to connect with their therapist in that way. Walking therapy was also offered as an option where appropriate.

In addition to providing extensive resources on our website to help community members navigate the frightening and confusing early days of the pandemic, we launched two hotlines (English and Spanish) to answer questions, point people in the direction of the services they needed, and provide support.

Katie and Alan's Parent Talks

Katie Sawyer, PhD, and Alan Dienstag, PsyD, founders of The Parent Center, also quickly adapted to online services and began offering talks and workshops to parents on how to navigate this challenging time. Hundreds of parents tuned in from the local elementary, middle, and high schools to receive guidance and, perhaps more importantly, a reminder that they were not alone.

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Supporting remote students

We continued our long and fruitful collaboration with the Mamaroneck School District by running advisory sessions for remote students in the 2020-21 school year. These regular check-ins are important for all students, but particularly students studying remotely who are at higher risk for isolation and its mental and physical impacts. The staff running these groups have endeavored to help students connect in their shared experiences and provided them with an outlet for the challenges they face. 

Creating Community at LMCCC

We are committed to supporting ALL of our community members, whatever stage of life they are in. In response to the lonliness we see many community members struggle with, we have created new groups as part of our Community Connections initiative, focused on bringing together people with similar challenges and interests. Our initial group for single mothers of teenage children has provided local women with a much-needed source of connection, and we look forward to offering more groups in the new year with your support.

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Let’s see what we can do together in 2021!

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