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In School Programs

"Everyone here is really different and we were all good to each other, we all contributed." 

8th-grade Advocacy group member, 2017-18

Each year over 900 students participate in Evidenced-Based Prevention and Counseling programming at the Hommocks Middle School with our trained staff of mental health professionals. Groups are led in various formats with lots of hands on activities, and opportunities for students to share life experiences while gaining increased skill sets in the areas of coping and problem solving. The goal of all prevention work is to increase awareness and practice of healthy coping in a student’s life, and decrease potential risk factors that may contribute to later substance use and/or abuse, and other unhealthy risk-taking behaviors.

If your child attends Hommocks Middle School and you have a question about our In School Programs, please contact us.

6th Grade Life Skills:


As part of the transition to middle school our staff leads classroom-based programs with all 6th grade students. The students meet for a total of nine sessions, with roughly 20-30 students per class (part of the five-week ½ cycle of Counseling). This program is based on the Botvin Life Skills© Curriculum, and helps students develop the skills necessary to foster self-esteem, increase communication and decision-making skills, and promote heightened awareness of the impact of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine on a developing body and brain.

7th Grade Life Skills:


Counselors from the LMCCC connect with students again in 7th grade during their Unified Arts rotation in Health. This class meets once a week for a total of 7 classes, in a seminar format, usually with about 15-20 students per class. Counselors build on the foundation from 6th grade using additional Botvin Life Skills© and Mindfulness Curriculum. Putting to use the basic skills learned in 6th grade students explore coping mechanisms for overwhelming emotions and are offered an introduction to the practice of mindfulness. Leaders use group discussion, activities and multimedia to deliver these skills.

8th Grade Advocacy Groups:

In this group-based program students benefit from small group interactions that reinforce 6th and 7th grade curriculum.  The group’s purpose is to develop skills for self-advocacy and empowerment, while promoting collaboration, problem-solving and communication among group members.

The groups accommodate roughly 120 8th grade students who self-select into the program.  Typically, LMCCC staff run 10 groups at a time, with 8-10 students per group.  Groups meet every Monday, from October through June.


These groups are designed to be an open forum for student discussion, while leaders weave in important topics of conversation on a monthly basis including:

  • Mindfulness

  • School stressors

  • Friend groups/Socializing

  • Social Media

  • Family dynamics

  • Drugs and Alcohol

  • Transitioning to HS

Accessing Additional Resources:

As students progress through these various programs, in addition to developing critical skills they become increasingly familiar with the LMCCC, its services and staff members.  Many students will find their needs met through 6th, 7th and 8th grade programming.  Some students may require additional services concurrently, or while in high school.  The unique combination of familiarity with staff, and the continuity of our skills-based programming from 6th grade Life Skills foundations to our in-house High School DBT treatment services, make our center a unique, accessible and familiar resource for youth in our community who are in need of support.

Other Services

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