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To inspire children and families to engage and connect with one another in pursuit of emotional well-being, strong family relationships and the healing power of community.  

LM Connects Goals


Curate and communicate important resources to families and students via the LMCCC website, newsletters, social media, poster campaigns and other outreach.

Strengthen Community Connection and Support Networks

Offer programs to parents and community members for educational and bonding opportunities.


Strengthen Student Emotional Health

Offer programs that build connections and skills to improve emotional health & wellness. Coordinate activities that bring students together around common interests and affinities.


Current Members 


Jackie Emmet - Alliance Coordinator

Amy Pace - Alliance Coordinator

Maria Caballero

Christine Danberg

Dr. Mark Levy



Helene Fremder

Lissi Garcia

Keila Brigandi Reyes

Vin Minotti

Brian Suertegaray-Santana

PT Council

Stephanie Chaice

Stacey D’Arcy


Youth Officers

Frank Maresca - Village of Mamaroneck

Chris Jaeger - Village of Mamaroneck

Danielle Lent - Village of Larchmont

Amy LaRosa - Town of Mamaroneck

Community Members

Karen Regan

Denise Woodin

Lauren Perone

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