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“The Parent Circle was a great way to connect with other families experiencing similar challenges to ours and learn new skills to successfully parent our son. The classes made me a more mindful parent and made me feel more in control at home. And I love the leaders!”

— Parent Circle participant, Fall 2017

LMCCC's Circle programming offers short-term workshops that incorporate the principles and techniques of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help participants manage intense emotions, develop greater self-awareness, enhance attention and improve relationships. DBT is a practical, evidence-based treatment that teaches skills for approaching emotional struggles in a non-judgmental and effective way.

Participation in our workshops provides family members with a shared language and toolbox of skills, which can supplement and be reinforced in individual and/or family therapy when needed. For a skills refresher, check out some of the resources on our skills page.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our upcoming workshops that will be starting in the summer.


THE PARENT CIRCLE is a multimedia workshop that will teach you a range of skills targeted to help with parenting challenges. These skills are the foundation of DBT, a compassionate evidence-based approach.


This workshop is unique in that we teach concrete and proven DBT strategies in a parenting skills format. Parents benefit from learning strategies to help their child improve emotion regulation, attention, and communication, while decreasing challenging behaviors.


THE TEEN CIRCLE is a highly interactive co-ed workshop for high school students, built on the core DBT skills of Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance. Activities, projects and mock scenarios give students hands on experience and opportunities to practice skills for effective coping. In this safe and confidential environment, teens benefit from learning strategies to improve emotion regulation, attention, and communication.

Parent & Tween 

THE PARENT & TWEEN CIRCLE will teach you and your middle school aged child a toolbox of skills that nurtures connections and builds understanding. These skills are the foundation of DBT.


This group is unique in that the parent and child meet separately each week to learn the same set of proven DBT skills with their peers in a supportive setting. Both parent and child benefit from learning strategies and a common language that will improve emotion regulation, attention, communication and relationships.

THE ADULT(ING) CIRCLE is a multimedia workshop for young people ages 18-27 who want support navigating the unique challenges of adulthood. DBT skills are applied to the specific challenges of this period of life, including completing college, entering the workforce, and building healthy relationships. 


Participants will leave with increased (self-)understanding, tips to improve their relationships, a toolbox of skills for managing future challenges, and the knowledge that they're not the only one struggling with adulting.


The Circle groups are co-led by our DBT team: Joan Chess, School Psychologist, Christine Danberg, LCSW, Cara Davidson, LCSW, Alan Dienstag, Psy.D., David Gougelet, LMSW, Christina Grimes, LCSW, Robin Linder, LCSW, Katie Sawyer, Ph.D, and Mia Tootill, LMSW.

The Parent Circle runs for 9 weeks and is $540/person or $900/couple. The Adult(ing) Circle, The Teen Circle, and The Tween Circle run for 8 weeks and are $480/person. Scholarships are available.

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