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Skills Group
Parents of
ESP Children

Do you want to learn how to best manage your child‘s difficult moments?  Want to understand how to improve communication and relationships in your house?  The LMCCC is offering parenting skills classes for parents of ESP children that teach proven methods of decreasing challenging behaviors while improving emotion regulation, communication, attention and relationships.    

THE PARENT CIRCLE is a multimedia workshop that will teach you a range of skills targeted to help with parenting challenges, including school refusal. The Circle groups are co-led by our DBT team: Joan Chess, School Psychologist, Christine Danberg, LCSW, Alan Dienstag, Psy.D. and Katie Sawyer, Ph.D.

ESP Parent Circle Information

The ESP Parent Circle date is TBD.


Who: Parents of ESP children

When: TBD

Where: Community Counseling Center, 234 Stanley Ave, Mamaroneck

Cost: TBD


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