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LM Connects Launches First Community Campaign: You Ok?

These two words can help us connect with our families, friends, neighbors, peers, colleagues, and teammates. 


The next time you pick up the phone to scroll, who can you text to ask, You OK?
The next time the sun is shining, who could you invite for a walk to ask, You OK?
The next time you bake something at home, who can you share it with and ask, You OK?


Why You Ok? 


Using this one simple phrase touches each of the 4 dimensions of community based healing:


AWARENESS AND PRESENCE -  Are we present to one another intellectually and emotionally?

COMPASSION – Can we look to our neighbors with empathy and without judgment?

GRATITUDE AND LOVE – Can just a few words show our peers that we truly care?

CONNECTION – Can we do more to make people feel less alone? 

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